Another RPS Update for Jackson County

RPS Tentative Public Hearing Now is the time for anyone that wants to comment on RPS (Regional Problem Solving) to LCDC (Land Conservation and Development Commission). LCDC is tentatively scheduled to have their public hearing on RPS from November 14-16… [Read More]

RPS and the Medford UGB

RPS and the Medford UGB Amendment On Wednesday, April 4, 2012, the City of Medford will be holding an open house to discuss an amendment to the current Urban Growth Boundary (UGB). The purpose of the UGB amendment is to… [Read More]

An Update On RPS (Regional Problem Solving)

RPS Is Moving Forward It appears RPS is moving forward as planned at the state level.  1000 Friends of Oregon has released their final comments on their concerns for RPS, which are as follows:  Medford, being the largest City in RPS,… [Read More]

Regional Problem Solving- An 11-Year Process Finally Moves Ahead

RPS (Regional Problem Solving) is a public and private sector collaborative effort to direct the future of land use in the Greater Bear Creek Valley. It establishes a 50-year long-range goal, ideally providing a rational and beneficial pattern of growth.… [Read More]