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Richard Stevens & Associates

Richard Stevens & Associates, Inc. is a land use consulting firm located in Medford, Oregon. Our principal is Clark Stevens. We specialize in assisting our clients with obtaining rural and urban land use planning permits. We have a great working relationship with all counties and cities throughout Southern Oregon and beyond. We also understand the requirements each planning department has for each land use application. Though we are not attorneys, we are able to represent you as your consultant at quasi-judicial hearings. 



Water Rights Permit

You Might Need a Water Rights Permit

In Oregon, naturally found water is owned by the public--whether in a river, lake, or flowing underground.  That means there...
Zoning Regulations

Zoning Regulations: What Can I Do With My Property?

Congratulations!  You’ve either purchased or are aspiring to buy land in Southern Oregon.  With beautiful views of mountain vistas or...
Flood Plain

What Happens If My Lot is in a Flood Plain?

In Jackson County, Oregon, the Planning Department relies on FEMA’s Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) panels to determine which properties...

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