Allowable Uses – Allowable uses require a formal application and administrative review

Residential Uses

  • Dwelling provided in conjunction with farm use
  • Farm dwelling for relative
  • Accessory farm dwellings
  • Ownership of record dwelling
  • Temporary medical hardship dwelling
  • Nonfarm dwelling
  • Residential home
  • Room and board arrangements for up to 5 unrelated people in existing residence
  • Alteration, restoration, or replacement of a lawfully established dwelling
  • Historic dwelling replacement
  • Registered child care facility or certified group child care home

Commercial Uses

  • Commercial activities in conjunction with farm use
  • Breeding, kenneling, and training greyhounds for racing
  • Dog kennels
  • Home occupation or home business
  • Destination resort
  • Winery
  • Farm stand

Mineral, Aggregate, Oil, Gas Uses

  • Exploration and production of geothermal, oil, and gas
  • Exploration for minerals
  • Operations for mining and processing geothermal, oil, and gas
  • Mining, crushing, or stockpiling aggregate and other mineral resources
  • Processing aggregate into asphalt or portland cement
  • Processing other mineral and subsurface resources

Transportation Uses

  • Personal use airports for airplanes and helicopter pads
  • Climbing and passing lanes within the right-of-way
  • Construction of additional passing and travel lanes
  • Reconstruction or modification of public roads and highways
  • Temporary public road and highway detours
  • Minor betterment of existing public roads and highway related facilities
  • Parking no more than seven log trucks

Utility/Solid Waste Uses

  • Utility facilities necessary for public service
  • Telecommunications towers
  • Transmission towers over 200 feet high
  • Solid waste disposal site
  • Modification of waste related use
  • Fire service facilities for rural fire protection
  • Irrigation canals and delivery lines
  • Utility facility service lines
  • Commercial facilities for generating power for public use by sale
  • Composting facilities with permit from DEQ

Parks/Public Uses

  • Public or private schools, including essential buildings
  • Churches and cemeteries in conjunction with churches
  • Private parks, playgrounds, hunting, and fishing preserves
  • Campgrounds
  • Public parks and playgrounds
  • Community centers owned by a government or nonprofit agency
  • Golf courses
  • Living history museum
  • On-site filming and accessory activities
  • Takeoff and landing site for model aircraft
  • Expansion of existing county fairgrounds and related activities
  • Operations for extraction and bottling of water
  • Land application of biosolids transported by vehicle to a tract
  • Land application of reclaimed water and process water
  • Firearms training facility

Outdoor Gathering Uses

  • Outdoor gathering under 3000 people for under 120 hours in any 3-month period
  • Outdoor gathering over 3000 people for over 120 hours in any 3-month period

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