Resource Districts

In our last blog, we focused on Jackson County zoning districts, and why they exist. Some of the zoning districts in Jackson County are resource districts, which are a little different from all other zoning districts in the County.

Resource Districts & Jackson County Zoning

Jackson County has many zoning districts for many different types of land uses. However, the resource districts are different from all of the other zoning districts in Jackson County because the County’s authority to regulate development in the resource districts is strictly governed by state law.

Types of Resource Districts

Jackson County has three resource zoning districts, and each has their own purpose. They are:

  • Exclusive Farm Use (EFU)- Conserve agricultural land
  • Forest Resource (FR)- Conserve forest land
  • Aggregate Removal (AR)- Allow for the protection and utilization of aggregate and other mineral resources, and to ensure the reclamation of mined landResource Districts In Jackson County Oregon

Resource District Regulations

There are many rules and regulations that apply to land use in resource districts. However, many of the allowable and permitted uses for resource districts can increase a property’s value, and may be well worth the time and money to pursue. For a list of the available uses for resource district lands, please see the County Applications page on our website. If you own land in a resource district, and you would like to pursue one of the permitted and allowable uses, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can help you through the process.

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