Land Use Planning Applications Medford Oregon Jackson County






All public hearings will be located in the Courthouse Auditorium at 10 S. Oakdale in Medford unless otherwise noted.


8/20/18: Public Hearing


Consideration of the Planning Department’s tentative denial of a request to amend the homesite envelope approved through File ZON2014-00188, to allow a single-family dwelling on a 27.34-acre parcel, zoned Forest Resource (FR), and located at 19071 Antioch Road, White City, OR. The property is legally described as Township 34 South, Range 2 West, Section 34, Tax Lot 600. The application was submitted through his agent Wes Pettegrew, 7220 Crater Lake Hwy, White City, OR 97503. The request for a public hearing was submitted by Carrie Davidson, 19071 Antioch Rd, White City, OR 97503. File No. 439-18-00195-ZON.  Planner: Kenneth Skyles, (541) 774-6958.


10:30 a.m.