Land Use Planning Applications Medford Oregon Jackson County






All public hearings will be located in the Courthouse Auditorium at 10 S. Oakdale in Medford unless otherwise noted.


6/20/18: Public Hearing


Consideration of a Jackson County Planning Commission Recommendation of Approval of a Comprehensive Plan Map and Zoning Map Amendment to change Comprehensive Plan Map from Agricultural land to Aggregate Resource land and the Zoning Map from Exclusive Farm Use (EFU) to Aggregate Removal (AR), and add a portion of the property to the County’s Goal 5 inventory of Significant Aggregate Resources on a portion of the property zoned Exclusive Farm Use (EFU), on approximately 10 acres described as Township 36S, Range 2W, Section 21, Tax Lot 1200.  The application was submitted by Savage Properties LLC through their agent Michael Mattson. File No. 439-18-00001-LRP.


1:30 p.m.