Introduction of House Bill 3615 for Jackson County, Josephine County, and Douglas County

Jackson County Residents: Rural Jackson County residents keep your hopes up. There is a chance that House Bill 3615 will be re-introduced with the Oregon legislature this February, 2012. How Jackson County Will Be Affected: If this bill passes, it… [Read More]

Oregon Has Adopted Soil Scientist Procedure Changes

Soil Scientist Procedures: The State of Oregon recently adopted soil scientist procedure changes, which means there will be more State forms and fees required for a soil scientist.   If you own EFU property and plan on applying for a… [Read More]

Regional Problem Solving- An 11-Year Process Finally Moves Ahead

RPS (Regional Problem Solving) is a public and private sector collaborative effort to direct the future of land use in the Greater Bear Creek Valley. It establishes a 50-year long-range goal, ideally providing a rational and beneficial pattern of growth.… [Read More]

Code Amendment

 The City of Medford is proposing a code amendment for streets and maximum block lengths. If you have vacant, undeveloped land within the City, this may affect your property with future development. The code amendment will apply to all residential and commercially… [Read More]

Soil Scientist Procedure Changes

DLCD (Department of Land Conservation and Development) is making changes to the soil scientist procedures for land that is zoned EFU (Exclusive Farm Use) with changes to the OAR (Oregon Administrative Rules). This would include zone changes and homesite approvals… [Read More]